🛠️Frequently Asked Questions

Just the truth you need to know.

Do You Have A Team?

Yeah, for real, every meme coin project got a squad behind the scenes, but they're usually vibing on that Satoshi stealth mode. Why, you ask? It gives the project room to do its thing, free from any extra drama or feelings. But check this - we're looking to switch it up. If we hit that big 100 Mill in market cap, we're gonna doxx our crew. We're talking full reveal, no more incognito. That's the plan.

How To buy Kill Meme Coins?

Aight, listen up. We're chillin' on the Binance Smart Chain, so make sure you got some BNB bread stacked in your wallet, ya dig? Now, slide on over to PancakeSwap. You'll find a slick little swap tool on the page. Choose BNB as your trade token, then pull in Kill Meme Coins using our smart contract address - 0xBe133cf6c3dA39df627B9ae1DdFe3a869844883A .

Decide how much you're down to swap, then hit 'Swap'. Quick look over the details, and bam, you're good. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, right? You're all set, fam!


We only minted 1 Billion KMC. Anti-Whale function is enabled. Buy tax is 4% while sell tax is 7%. LP is locked.

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