Features Of Our AI Bots

Version 1.0 of KMC AI Bot uses ChatGPT AP

KMC AI Bot 1.0

Aight, check this. Our chatbot's got some mad skills:

  1. Quick on the draw: Our bot ain't got time to chill, it's throwing back replies in 3-5 seconds, no sweat.

  2. No cap on requests: You got queries? Keep 'em coming. Our bot's always ready to vibe, no limits.

  3. Message streaming: Like watching the game live, our bot's got real-time message flow. Peep the demo in the community, fam.

  4. Rollin' with GPT-4: Our bot's leveled up, packing that GPT-4 heat. It's got the knowledge, you got the questions.

  5. Group Chat flex: Wanna roll deep? Hit up /help_group_chat and get the crew in on the convo.

  6. Artist mode with DALLE 2: Feeling creative? Flip to Artist mode and watch the bot whip up images like a pro.

  7. Voice message recognition: Speak your truth. Our bot's all ears, turning your voice messages into text.

  8. Code highlighting: For the code-heads, our bot's got the drip, making your code snippets pop with color.

  9. 15 chat modes to vibe with: Assistant, Code Assistant, Artist, Psychologist, even Elon Musk. Edit the config/chat_modes.yml and make your own mode, keep it fresh.

  10. ChatGPT API support: Our bot's rocking that ChatGPT API, talking the language of the future.

  11. VIP list for Telegram users: We've got a list for the top dogs in our Telegram fam.

  12. Track your OpenAI API spending: Wanna know what you're spending on the OpenAI API? Our bot's got the receipts.

In summary, our chatbot's all about bringing the fun to the function. It's got the features, it's got the flair. It's here to upgrade your crypto game, no cap.

As We Moon, Our AI Bot will get better

The idea is to give holders of our meme coin access to GPT-4 and early access AI products.

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